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School in America vs. School in the Czech Republic

As many people know, the way of education is different all around the world. Many students have no school on weekends while French children attend on Saturdays, Korean education is much more challenging than ours, and so on. As I have experienced the school systems in both America and the Czech Republic, then I will now speak to you about some of the differences.

The difference between the school systems in both countries is quite vast. Although the Czech system is much more rigorous, the American system is more interactive. You can find many clubs, sports, and student body related activities that you can become involved in. American schools also offer a large scale of school dances, concerts, games, theatre productions, film festivals, contests, and other such activities. The subjects, although some mandatory, are mostly choosable. For example, you need two years of lab science, but you can choose which science you want to take and in what order. There are also many electives from which you are able to choose from like the school newspaper, film, art, wood workshop, marine biology, and theatre. American schools put more value into interaction and involvement in the student body and communication amongst all of your peers. The educational system also teaches students to think not only mechanically but analytically as well, so that they can be capable of critical thinking, deduction, and analysis. Czech schools are good in the way that they offer a student a lot of information and thus the opportunity to become well educated. The educational system, however, is based more upon memorization of material, though that is now changing. Czech schools also do not offer many after-school activities or much besides the actual education. To graduate from an American high school, one must acquire a certain amount of merits attained by successfully completing required and optional courses, take the High School Exit Exam if the state requires it, and, depending on the school, complete a senior project consisting of a 6-minute presentation about a topic which the student has researched. Exiting high school successfully in America is much easier than in the Czech Republic.

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