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Okruhy k maturitě

  • The United Kingdom – its parts, geography, climate, history, population, cities
  • Today’s Britain – The monarchy and the four countries. The important historical periods. Industry and agriculture, regions. The Industrial Revolution
  • London – history, districts, population, sights. The seat of the Queen. The Tower of London and other places of interest. Which of them did you see?
  • Canada – geographical situation, areas, history, population, languages, industry, agriculture, cities.
  • The U.S.A. – geography, population, historical development, industry, agriculture, cities, sights.
  • From the history of the U.S.A. – the original inhabitants, the discovery of America, colonies, the War of Indepedence, the Civil War, todays´ U.S.
  • Life in the U.S.A. – The system of government, population, holidays, family life, cities and sights.
  • Australia – geography, climate, population, history, the system of government, administration, cities, places of interest.
  • New York – geography, history, population – communities, the Melting Pot, districts, Manhattan and other places of interest.
  • British and Czech systems of schooling – levels of education, compulsory school attendance, types of school, public school in Britain, John Amos Comenius.
  • Ernest Hemingway – his life and literary work
  • William Shakespeare – his life and literary work
  • Oscar Wilde – his life and literary works. Victorian period – Ch. Dickens
  • Meals – give a talk about food and drinks in Britain compared to eating habits in our country; brunch, five o´clock tea. Have you travelled to Britain?
  • Travelling – Why do people travel? Means of transport, which of them do you prefer? Why? The necessity of learning languages. Which countries have you visited? Speak about them. What did you like there most?
  • Sports and games in Britain and in your country – the necessity of physical activities; Kinds of sports, their division; Traditional British sports; Typical Czech sports; Sports and you.
  • My future career – The importance of having different interests in taking up a career; My interests, hobbies, future profession; Imaginations of your future personal life.
  • Prague – history, the most important periods, the oldest parts, King´s Mile, the Oldt town, the National Theatre and other places of interest
  • The Czech Republic – history, geography, climate, population, regions, industry, cities, places of interest
  • Pros and cons of living in a town or the country – Your preferences.Your place of living. Culture of your town “Home, sweet home” is a living truth
  • The English-speaking countries – The British Commonwealth of Nations; English as the world language. British and American English
  • Shopping – changes in everyday life. Types of shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, chain shops, goods you can buy. Shopping and you
  • Life in Britain – What are the British known for? The way of life, customs, habits, family life compared to our way of life. Queuing, drinking tea
  • A family and its importance – My family and its members, their hobbies and interests, work. How do you spend your free time together? Your likes and dislikes. A family in our country and in Britain.
  • Celtic culture on the British Isles – Scotland, Wales and Ireland and the people, the historical development, languages, the customs, culture and the way of life.

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