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Advantages and Disadvantages of Town and Country Life

Everyone all over the world lives in a different place. Some people live in small houses, others in mansions or apartments, or even teepees. Places of living are mainly divided into the country or a city. Each person chooses his place of living based in his or her preferences and the advantages and disadvantages of each place. Both the country and the cities have advantages and disadvantages and each place suits different types of people. Thus the world’s population is spread out in many various, sometimes even curious, ways.

The majority of people in advanced countries live in cities, towns, or agglomerations. This type of lifestyle suits people who are very busy and perhaps have important positions in large companies. These people, for example CEO’s, tend to thrive off of city life and the hustle and bustle energizes them. People living in the city have the advantage of being close to many different types of activities and ways to spend time with other people. From my experience of once living in a city, I can say that it was nice to be within a walking distance from my school, a mall, a public pool, some parks, some restaurants, a movie theatre, a few grocery stores, the houses from many of my friends, a stadium, and an ice skating rink. The main advantage of living in a city is being close to a wide variety of people you can socialize with, and many places where it is possible to socialize. Having a good social health is highly important for having good overall health as well. There are, however, disadvantages of cities. Pollution reigns in large cities, and this can be harmful for people with sicknesses such as asthma. Crime is more frequent, as my mom experienced while living in Santa Fe when a murder occurred in a neighboring house. This, in fact, prompted her to move to the outskirts of town. Another disadvantage of cities is the hustle and bustle, and seemingly no peace and quiet, which is, however, abundant in the country.

The country is an ideal place for people who like to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet that it has to offer. It also offers a handful of enjoyable activities such as taking walks in the forest, biking, swimming in ponds, and breathing in fresh clean air. I would say that the only disadvantages of being in the country are not having a lot of people to socialize with, and having it far to get to the city and the activities it has to offer.

My preference would be to live on the outskirts of a large city, or in a smaller city, so that I could have a little bit of both. The place that a person chooses to live in really depends on the type of person, their personality, their occupation, their upbringing, preferred activities, characteristics, and tastes. Each person is an individual who likes something different than the next. Thus it is impossible to suggest the perfect place of living for all people. It is only possible to state your own personal preferences.

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