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Comparing Climates

Comparing Climates: The United States vs. the Czech Republic

Climates and weather vary from continent to continent as well as from country to country. This being said, it can be concluded that the Czech climate differs from the climate in the U.S.A. The Czech Republic is a relatively small country, so the climate is similar throughout the entire country. One can witness the differences between all four seasons here. The vegetation is lush and green, and consists of both deciduous and coniferous trees. The temperature ranges from hot summers to cold winters. Thunderstorms are common in the summer, and showers are typical for spring and fall. In the winter, there is the occasional snowfall in the lowlands while the highlands and mountains enjoy enough snow for skiing. Of course, it is colder in the mountains than in the lowlands and valleys.

The U.S. is a very different case. By being a very large country, the U.S. is endowed with a very variable climate. Climate similar to the Czech one can be found along the central East Coast. Temperature wise, the whole central belt of the U.S. is similar to the Czech Republic. In the North however, in states such as Montana, there are very long and harsh winters. Washington and Oregon enjoy almost constant rainfall. Towards the South it becomes much warmer. It is quite difficult to register a change in season in the southernmost states, because the temperatures don’t change much. In L.A., for example, it does get a bit chilly in the winter but never cold enough for a coat. It hasn’t even snowed there for over 50 years. It is also the location of earthquakes as is the entire West Coast. The Southwest of the U.S. is dominated by dry deserts. Vegetation here is sparse and consists of many cacti. Where the elevation in the deserts is higher, the vegetation gradually changes from small shrubs to low juniper bushes to pine trees. Moving towards the center of the U.S., grasslands and plains become more prominent. This is the area of tornadoes. The climate in the East is similar to that in the Czech Republic, with a lot of deciduous forests. The southeastern states such as Florida enjoy warm weather throughout the year, but are at risk of being hit by hurricanes.

By being so rich in different climates, the U.S. offers a wide variety of weekend destinations. People can visit beaches, and mountains, as well as a numerous amount of national parks. The parks vary from featuring mountains and evergreen forests, to geysers, to red rock canyons, and even deserts. The United States truly comprise of almost everything when it comes to climate and landscapes.

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