Fashion is the style of dress or behaviour popular at a certain time. Fashion is important, it represents a person’s style and his/her own way of life. Each person has his own style and taste – people wear clothes according to their taste, mood and their character => they want to look good.
1. Men’s and women’s fasion
-  Women’s fashion has always been different from the men’s fashion => women wear skirts, make-up, high-heel shoes.  
-  Women usually pay more attention to fashion than men do. Their wardrobe is different from the men’s wardrobe – they like shopping for clothes more then men do.
-  Women often buy fashion magazines and they like fashion shows /módne prehliadky/ => they pay attention to the changes in the style, patterns, colours of the seasons and they change their wardrobe according to these changes – women want to be like famous models – for example Claudia Schiffer, C. Crafford, A. Sklenaříková and so on.
-  There is a difference between the fashion nowadays and the fashion in the past => in the past women couldn’t wear trousers. They had to wear stiff corsets and long skirts which was very uncomfortable. They always wore long hair. Men used to wear a hat, a suit and moustaches were popular. Women’s skirts and dresses became shorter in the 20’s and nowadays women’s fashion is similar to men’s fashion – women wear trousers, ties nowadays. 
-  Hairstyle - women more often dye and bleach their hair.
-  Women like shopping for clothes more than men do => they like window-shopping /pozeranie výkladov/ - they like to admire clothes and new models in the shop’s windows without buying them.
2. My wardrobe
My wardrobe consists of: WOMEN:
underwear – spodní prádlo
knickers – kalhotky
bra – podprsenka
stockings – ponožky
- night dress – nočná košile
pyjamas – pyžamo
- dressing gown – župan
skirt – sukně
blouse – blůza
jumper – svetr
trousers – kalhoty
jeans – rifle
shorts - kraťasy
jacket – bunda
anorak – zimní bunda
- winter coat – zimní kabát
- cocktail dress – krátke večerní šaty
shoes – boty
high-heels – lodičky
trainers – tenisky
boots – vysoké boty ACCESSORIES – doplňky:
handbag – kabelka
scarf – šál
gloves – rukavice
jewellery – šperky
earrings – náušnice
ring – prsten
bracelet – náramek
necklace – náhrdelník
chain – řetízek

3. My attitude to fashion
People have different attitudes to fashion. For some people, fashion is very important and a very necessary part of their life. People want to dress well, they like expensive clothes and accessories. Young people have casual wear and sportswear because they are comfortable and practical. Many young people like to buy in brands - such as NIKE, ADIDAS, KENVELO and so on. Some people have bright colors, others prefer dark colors, but colors should always be well combined. Hairstyles and accessories are also important - such as a mobile phone, a bag, and so on. I like to wear dark colors. My favorite color is dark blue. I prefer sports wear. My favorite shoes are my coaches, because I like sports and I often play football. I wear a social dress only when I have to - for family celebrations - weddings, christenings, on the day of school leaving exams.

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