My daily rutine

On weekdays I get up at five minutes to five, though I'd like to sleep longer. When I get up I do my morning routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth and hair, deciding what to it too. I could not get a breakfast in the morning because I could not catch a train to school. In the morning I drive to the next village on the train by car. It takes me five minutes. The train to Most leaves at five o'clock and thirty-nine minutes. In Most I will transfer to Usti nad Labem, which departs at six o'clock and twenty-four minutes. I arrive in Usti nad Labem at seven o'clock and eight minutes. I go to school with a trolleybus. My lesson begins in five minutes seven. Every lesson takes 45 minutes and then there is a 10 minute break. Between the second and third lessons there is a bigger break that lasts 20 minutes. This allows more time to walk around or have a small snack. Our lessons take place in various classrooms, in various labs or gym. The schedule is different every day. Some students usually go for lunch in the canteen. Me and some of my friends prefer to bring sandwiches from home. When is the school is over I go to the train station and I wait there for train. I travel often with my friends, we talk and laugh. When I come home, I go to change clothes, feed rabbits, hens, wild boars and pigs and help with housework. Because I'm leaving school late in the afternoon, I do not have much free time. I spend my free time with my boyfriend. Later in the afternoon, I prepare things for school. Before dinner I do my homeworks. We have dinner, depending on who is hungry. After dinner I play computer games, read a books, or listen to music. Then I go to the bath and go to sleep. I usually go sleep by eleven pm .. On weekends I get up at 7 o'clock. Then I have some breakfast. After breakfast I help with work in the field and in the garden, I like it very much. Sometimes I go to the cinema with my boyfriend or we go for a walk. Sometimes I drive tractor, I really love it. In winter I go skating. I like taking pictures of nature. In the evening I go to bed late or I sleep at a friend's. My life is full of activities.

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