The places of interest in the UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is very interesting country and there are many places of interest.

In England you can found the Tower of London in London. It was a royal palace, a fortress, a prison, a mind, a royal zoo and an arsenal. It was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. Today there are the Crown Jewels. In London also there is the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace or London Eye.

Stonehenge is historic monument in south England. It was built in about 2 800 years BC. It is two big circles from stones. Originally the stones stood but now a lot of them have fallen down.

The city Bath is situated in south-west England. When the Romans established the bath in 60 AD, they called it as Aqua Sulis and built defence walls around the springs. But now the water is contaminate by bacterium. The city is registered in the UNESCO list.

In Bath we can see – The Romans bath, the Royal Crescent, the Assembly Rooms.

The famous British lake is the Loch Ness. It is to be found in Scotland. It has an area 56.6 kilometres square. The legend say, that Loch Ness Monster live there. She is called Nessie or Ness. The oldest legend of Loch Ness Monster is from 6th century about St. Columba.

Cardiff is a capital city of Wales and 10th biggest city in Britain. Cardiff Castle was built 2,000 ago by the Romans and in 12th century a Norman fortress was built here. Also there can be seen the wall of animals, St. John Church, Cardiff University or Millennium Stadium.

But also St. Fagans National History Museum is situated to the west of the city of Cardiff. It including ancient Celtic dwellings, St. Fagans Castle, St. Fagan Old Rectory and St. Mary’s Church and a lot of other buildings. St. Fagans Castle is a Grande 1 listed building and one of the most beautiful Elizabethan manor houses in Wales. Originally it was built in 1580 but the interior was remodelled during 19th century. The Gardens decay 7 hectares around the Castle. There is terraced garden, Italian garden or Rosemary garden. The village comprised buildings animals and peoples and all is like as from 18th century.

In the United Kingdom are still many other places of interest, but I primary want visit the Loch Ness because I want to find out if Loch Ness Monster really live there.

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