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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is made up of four parts. Two are Northern Ireland with the capital of Belfast, and Wales with the capital of Cardiff and second biggest city of Swansea. There are spectacular lakes and scenery in these parts. There are about 3 million inhabitants in Wales and 11 million sheep. The village with the longest name in the world is located there as well. Two main industries are farming and tourism. Another part of the UK is Scotland, with the capital city of Edinburgh. There are about 5 million inhabitants in Scotland and there are many highlands.

London is the biggest city in the United Kingdom as well as the capital city of England. London is situated on the river Thames and has 10 million inhabitants. The houses of parliament in Westminster are located on the shore of the river. In the houses of parliament there are two chambers. Part of the houses of parliament is the clock-tower Big Ben. Big Ben is built in the gothic style, but was built in the 19th century. There is a famous bell-ringing to be heard. The Tower Bridge is made of steel. The tower was built when the queen Victoria lived. Near it is the White tower. William the Conqueror built the White Tower when he became king of England. He came from France. In the beginning, The White Tower was his fortress. It is built out of white stones. There is the Traitor´s gate and the Tower Green with the execution block. People were executed in the Tower Green. A famous London monument is The Buckingham palace. It is the famous residence of the queen. There was a Great fire in London in 1666. The fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. On the place, where the fire was started, a monument called The Monument was built. Transport in London is very good. It boasts the oldest underground, red double-decker buses, a train, and very good taxi or cab services. The taxi drivers are the best drivers in London.

In England there is rainy weather. In the winter there isn´t any snow usually and the air is cold. The UK’s flak is interesting. There are three crosses on the flag: St. Andrew Cross, St. Patrick’s Cross, and St. George´s Cross.

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