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The disasters in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is inland country, so we don´t have problems like countries next to the see, problems like tsunami waves or tornados, cyclones and hurricanes. We are quite lucky country but we have some problems too. Nevertheless our country has problems like floods, for example last year we suffered a big flood especially Prague. It is due to the one of the biggest rivers in our country called Vltava. There is lots of dams on the river, which are supposed to delay big amounts of water during floods, but they seem to be ineffective. For example, during big floods in the year 2003, the Charles bridge was badly damaged.

As protective measure a big barricade - like walls were built near it, so it is protected now. Another events that can be very dangerous are storms. Storms often hit Czech Republic. Lots of trees fall on the roads or even houses. But most dangerous is when the tree falls on electrical wiring. Entire villages or even worse can be without electricity. These are two most common disasters that can occur in Czech Republic.

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