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I live in Borohrádek, the small town between Hradec Králové and Pardubice. This town is called “Boro”, or “Borouš” too. Borohrádek is hidden in the wood, that’s why there is a fresh air. The river flows through Borohrádek is TicháOrlice. People can fishing and relaxing there. There is a small pound called Písák near Borohrádek. It’s a beautiful place for swimming in summer and skating in winter. 

 People live there in small houses or blocks of flats. Many houses have a garden with trees, flowerbeds, garage or swimming pool. Everybody has a car, because we haven’t good transport connection. I think, there aren’t much job opportunities, so many people must commute to their jobs or schools to Pardubice, Holiceor Hradec Králové.  In our town there aren’t many important institution, I miss fit centre, high school, cash machine, winter stadium swimming pool or café there and many others. But in recent years situation is better than before 5 years ago. Many discos, festivals and balls are given, Many buildings are repaired, so our culture live will be good soon. Our big advantage is silence. We can sleep for a long time in the weekend. 

 In Borohrádek live many friendly people and everybody knows everybody. I have a few friends there, we love going for a walk, swimming, skating and riding bike.

 My house is situated near the Orlice. It’s a beautiful modern building quite big. We can see wonderful scenery from our balcony. I live there with my family and grandparents. We’ve big garden with some fruit trees, bushes, flowerbeds swimming pool and garage. I like living there but I’d like to leave this place and live in Spain. 

 My house will be near the sea in small village near Barcelona. The village will be small and beautiful,very beautiful. There will be a small lake. I will fish and relax with my friends there. It will be big house with big garden and many palms and tropical plants. Me and my friends will go to Barça to shopping and watching a lots of football matches in NouCamp.I will visit my friend Bára in Valencia. It will be fun! 

 But I don’t know what about future. I dream about house in Spain but I think, a will stay in Czech Republic. Who knows but I know, Czech Republic and Spain too are good country.

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