Christmas and the New Year

Christmas is celebrated all around the world. There are different celebrations in Europe, Australia or the USA, but they all symbolise the birth of Jesus Christ.

In East European countries Saint Nicholas Day, 5th December, are an important day. In Germany tree is symbol of Christmas. There are dinner consists of fish, warn dishes, could meats, cheese and biscuits. In the USA there is the style of celebration different in each region. But their traditional dinner includes turkey with vegetables, and sauces, goose, duck or ham and Christmas pudding.

In Australia Christmas is the summer. There are Christmas meal consists of ham, turkey and cold plum pudding.

In Europe people welcome the New Year by making noise to scare off the bad spirits. Also the bonfires and fireworks can be seen all around.

American people have masquerade balls with costumes, and they unmask at midnight.

In Australia people spend New Year outdoor. They like surfing, picnics or camping. Also they make fireworks – More than 80, 000 fireworks light the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Christmas is celebrated also in the Czech Republic and in my family. I like Christmas, because I am given many presents.

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