Life in Britain

Everybody knows that in Britain there is very typical life. To British’s life many things belong: housing, food or leisure time.


A typical English house has a front and a back garden. It has two floors. A hall, a kitchen, a dining room and living room are on ground floor and the bedrooms are on the first floor. A typical style for housing until about 1910 was terraced houses. They were identical houses with two rooms on each of its two floors.

Bigger and better houses had 4 or 5 floors with basements and top floors for servants.

From 1945 during the next twenty years new blocks of flats were built, tower blocks with 15 or more floors were cheaply but there were vandalism, robbery and violence because the entrances were not supervised.

From 1970 councils were obliged to sell their houses to any tenants. Today, about two-thirds of English families own their house.

English Food

The English eat cereal, toast and tea for workday breakfast. On Sunday meal is rich.

Lunch is usually a quick meal: warn dish, or sandwiches, with tea or coffee. But dinner is main meal of the day. Dinner is consist of meat, potatoes and vegetables cooked in hot water, pudding and custard or desert with tea or coffee.

Leisure Time

The British spend their leisure time to watching television, listening to music or entertaining friends. Many people have a pet: a dog or a cat. Also many people work for voluntary organizations.

They also devote to hobbies: painting pottery, model building, car maintenance, woodwork, music or do-it-yourself (D. I. Y.). Somebody spend a great deal of their free time to sport. Very favourite sports are cricket, football, rugby, golf, rowing and horse and greyhound racing.

Life in Britain is in something similar like in our country. Maybe their life is better, but maybe no. I like life in our country and I would not change.

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