The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is very beautiful country, lying in the heart of Europe. There aren’t any big mountains in the Czech Republic. The biggest mountain is Sněžka and it is one thousand, six hundred and two meters high. Sněžka is located in the mountain range called the Krkonoše. The ranges create the border. In CZ there are many forests as well as beautiful nature and many attractions. The most interesting is Prague. Prague is our capital city and there is a Zoo, the National theatre, the Castle of Prague, Charles’ Bridge, and many other attratctions. Prague is the biggest city. The Vltava River flows through Prague. The Vltava has its source in Šumava and is the biggest river in the Czech Republic. Near Prague is a castle called Karlštejn. Karlštejn is the most famous castle. The movie called Noc na Karlštejně was made there. The country also has interesting nature. There are many national parks and protected landscape areas.

The Czech Republic has ten million inhabitants, and her area is 78 thousand square kilometers. Our president is Miloš Zeman. On the Czech flag, there are three colors: red, blue and white. The Czech national anthem is Kde domov můj. In English it means: Where is my home. The music was written by Josef Kajetán Tyl and the text was written by František Škroup. The Czech Republic has four neighbors: Germany is to the west, Austria is to the south, Slovakia is to the east and Poland is to the north. In the Czech Republic there are good sportsmen. Martina Sáblíková skates on ice at the world level. Our hockey team is the best of the world from the year 2010.

The Czech Republic is divided into three parts: Bohemia /bouhimia/ is the biggest, the next is Moravia /mourejvia/, and finally Silesia /silíza/.
The typical dish in the Czech Republic is dumplings with cabbage and meat. It´s called Knedlo-vepřo-zelo. The second typical dish is svíčková. The typical drink is beer. The most famous is Pilsner Urquell, from Plzeň. I don´t like beer but my dad and mum love it. The Czech language is so nice. I´m happy that I live here.

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