Davina Moody – Drama Queen

Los Angeles, Wednesday, February 8th: She arrived by private jet on Sunday morning with an entourage 20-strong, entourage, including her PA (personal assistant), the PA to the PA, her hairdresser, make-up artist, manicurist, chef, dietician, masseuse, personal trainer, chauffeur, six bodyguards and, of course, a vet for her six-month-old King Charles Spaniel, Pooksie.

By Sunday evening, the staff at Caliofornia´s Hollywood Hills Hotel, who have met and looked after some of the world´s most famous and most temperamental film stars, felt that this star deserved an Oscar for her off-screen performance. Davina Moody was very moody, the moodiest of them all.

Přidal: nikis99 9. 10. 2010
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