Vánoční test z angličtiny

In many families it’s traditional to eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good _________.
What is the abbreviation (shortcut) for Christmas?
A decorative object made of wax or an alternative source of light can be:
According to the story, Santa Clause has assistants to help make the presents for children. What are they called?
Around Christmas it’s traditional to kiss someone when standing under this object.
Czech Christmas dinner traditionally consists of carp and potato salad. What do people in England or America often have for Christmas dinner?
Every house with a fireplace needs it. It is also the entrance for Santa Clause to the house. What is it?
Choose the gramatically correct sentence:
Choose the grammatically correct sentence:
In many English speaking countries on New Year’s Eve people sing an old Scottish poem called what?
In one group there is a word which is not related to winter or Christmas, can you find it?
Many cities around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve with these.
Many families put this at the top of the tree.
Many people go to the church at midnight to listen to a ________.
The little particles of snow are called:
The place where people practise ice skating or play ice-hockey is called?
The songs we sing at Christmas are called:
The sport where you run across the countryside with skis on is called:
The verb “ski” should be pronounced:
What do children usually want to find inside their Christmas boxes?
What is a traditional Christmas drink?
What is the name for the vehicle that is pulled by dogs (or by Santa Clause’s reindeers) over snow and ice?
What is the name in English of the biblical scene commemorating the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem?
What is the traditional Christmas plant with green leaves and bright red flowers called?
What or who is a “snowman”?
What type of treat, which nobody really wants, is traditionally given to people at Christmas?
When you go skiing, you do not need:
Where do children in English speaking countries traditionally find their presents?
Where is Santa’s home and workshop?
Which of these is not suitable as a Christmas tree?
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