Severus Snape

"Choose one character who occurred in HP series and describe his importance in relation to the plot of the book(s)"


I am supposed to write a few words about a character who occurred in Harry Potter series. That is quite a difficult task, because there are many characters I like and I could write about for a long time and do not say anything important or interesting at all.

Hesitating who should be the subject of my essay, I was thinking about all my favourite characters. Who is the most mysterious and interesting person for me? It could be Severus Snape, at least at this particular moment. You must admit that he can be quite surprising.

Let us begin with his appearence. He is described like a man with long black hair, a sallow face and a hooked nose. His black eyes are deep and scanning the poor people he is talking to. He can use Legilimency very well, so it is pointless to lie to these eyes.

He was the only child of a Muggle Tobias Snape and a witch Eileen Prince. As an introvert child with some complexes, he used to talk to some stupid boys from Slytherin. This experience led to his affection for Dark Arts and power. He also became a follower of Lord Voldemort. He left him after the murder of Harry’s parents and stayed on the Dumbledore’s side for the rest of his life.

He seems to hate Harry from the very beginning. The truth is a little bit more complicated, though. He was in love with Harry’s mother, Lily Evans, and hated his father James, because Harry’s father used to act rather stupid as a teenager.

Snape teaches the potions, but his favourite subject has always been Defense Against the Dark Arts. He invented some spells himself, for example the Sectumsempra. Harry used this curse against Malfoy during the sixth grade, not knowing that his enemy would be covered in blood.

He is certainly important for the plot of the books, because he shows us what life as a Voldemort’s follower is like. The readers also have a character they can think about, guessing what he is going to do next. I think he could be the type of a person, who is either loved or hated, nothing else. And played by Alan Rickman, he is just fascinating.

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