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My pet loves and hates

Every person has their own loves and hates. People are different and so are their pet hates and loves. Some people like dancing while other people prefer cycling. Let me introduce my own pet hates and loves. Sports and games have always played an important role in my life and even now they are my number one hobby. It actually gives me fresh energy for doing my other work. Since my early childhood, I was keen on such sports as ballet, dodge ball, and athletics. I began to play volleyball about 5 years ago. Since then, volleyball is my most favorite sport and I also play on a team since then. When I was small, my parents gave me the opportunities to go cycling, swimming, skating etc. I used to go with my parents almost every winter to the mountains. I like downhill skiing and sometimes I like going cross-country skiing. I also started snowboarding three years ago. In the summer I like cycling. When the weather is nice, I go to school on my bike in spite of the fact that my school is 11 km away from the town where I live. I also like hiking. I love going out to nature where I can look at the surrounding countryside and the life of animals. Meanwhile, I am also doing something for my health. I breathe in fresh air and move around in a beautiful natural environment. So I must say that sports are an important part of my life. From time to time I enjoy going out with my friends. I like talking with my friends over a cup of tea. Sometimes we go to dance at a disco. I also adore going for walks with my boyfriend and his dog to the forest. Cultural life is also important to me. I love going to the cinema and the theatre. I like watching films on the TV too. I prefer comedies to thrillers. I also adore reading magazines and books. They are important sources of information for me. I prefer novels to poems. I often read books to my little sister, because she loves reading fairy tale books. I love music. I can’t imagine my life without it. I prefer listening to my mp3 player over the radio. I love indie rock, ska and r’n’b. I listen to both foreign and Czech performers. I prefer alternative to mainstream music. I like studying. I enjoy broadening my horizons. I prefer science to the humanities. I enjoy studying chemistry and biology. That’s the reason why I wish to study at the School of Medicine in the future. I hate housework. I sometimes (and nearly always on weekends) must help my mum with housework. I don’t like making my bed every morning. I detest sweeping and mopping the floor in the kitchen and I can’t stand scrubbing stairs. I also loathe cleaning the bath once every two weeks, but I don’t mind polishing the mirror in the bathroom. There are a lot of other things which I like to do. I like meeting new people because I think I am a sociable person though I am sometimes shy. Many ordinary things make me mad. I dread the sound of scratching nails on a blackboard. This sound creeps me out. I detest other people cracking their knuckles. I don’t like arguing so I try to avoid quarrels. One of the things which I hate the most is caraway seed. I take it out of all of my meals. That’s reason why I often eat for so long. My least favorite meal is stewed carrot. I have detested it from childhood. I can’t bear some human behavior. I dislike irresponsible poeple. I do not like people who are unreliable, and people who break their promises. Such people can’t be trusted. I also hate people being insincere and when they don’t mind lying to your eyes. I loathe people being impolite. I can’t stand people being rude to each other. I don’t like overconfident people. On the other hand, I admire people who are still in good spirits. I like a good sense of humor and people who are not boring. I appreciate people who can show real understanding for my feelings, but at the same time they can be critical. Preferences of each person really depend on the type of person, his personality, his upbringing, characteristics, and tastes. Each person is an individual who likes something different than the next. In my opinion, it is so right because if we were all the same, the world would be boring.

Přidal: jakuba 14. 6. 2011
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