In what ways can films make our lives better?

Film is considered to be an art, but also a method for education or a source of entertainment. Anyways, film is an important part of our culture, because almost all people have a television at home and cinemas are visited plentifully too.

You can see various genres of movies like romantic, comedy, sci-fi, or horror. All of these genres have their own fans, which enjoy watching them. Different kinds of movies bring out different emotions in people. Comedy films make us laugh, romantic ones warm our hearts, sad ones make us cry, and horror films scare us. In every way, most films entertain us and force us to think about some problem. For example, sci-fi films can warn us against being inconsiderate to nature.

As for the education, most knowledge can be obtained from documentary films, which could be about nature, history, or technology. While watching documentary films, we can explore wonderful places or learn about interesting people.

It is worth pointing out that another way how film can make our lives better is that we can improve on our foreign language skills. For instance, if we want to learn English, it is important to learn pronunciation and the best way to do that is to watch English films with English subtitles.

To sum it up, in my opinion movies became an inseparable part of our everyday lives. For many people it is the best way to relax. Films help people to escape reality for a moment. I believe that it is the greatest magic of the movie world.

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