Crime - Murder

In our village became a crime five years ago. It was a murder. Unknown dangerous murderer killed Mrs Christina Chlanda. Her death shocked her family, therefore detective Mrs Barbara Valasek started investigation. Barbara found three suspects, Mrs Blood, Mr Thief and Mr Robber. Mrs Blood was suspect, because she broke the Michael’s Jackson’s nose at last time. Mrs Robber was suspect, because he stole money and gold from a bank and killed someone at last time. Mrs Thief is suspect, because he stole the jewels and money and cooperated with the MAFIA at last time. Barbara is clever, therefore she interviewed them all. But everyone had a good defence. Therefore Barbara went to Christina’s house for the evidence. There was a victim. There weren’t the fingerprints, because murderer had the gloves, indeed, there remained a leaky gloves. There was a knife and a gun, but witnesses wasn’t hear a shot. “Nobody shot!” said one witness. Barbara lost a patience. “Killer will hang! I will hang a rope for him!” Suddenly she remembered! “GOD FATHER! There was a knife! And Mrs Blood had a cut!” Barbara arrested Mrs Blood and she confessed. Judge sentenced under the law of Mrs. Blood for ten years in prison.

Barbara paid a grave for Christina and left on a red tombstone carved: “Wisk for dead quiet death!”

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