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Wales is not an independent state but it is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is situated west of England. Wales has about three million inhabitants. Official languages are English and Welsh but only 20 % people speak Welsh.

The first people, who lived there, came there since about 29 thousand years. In 48 the Romans occupied the Wales and brought the Christianity. They built the forts and there are the oldest amphitheatre in Great Britain. When the Romans left Britain, many small independent states.

In 13th century the English king Eduard I occupied the Wales and build the ring of the castles around Wales. And in 1997 Wales got the self-government with seat in Cardiff.

Cardiff is a capital city of Wales. It is situated in the South of Wales and there are 320 000 inhabitants.

The national symbols are a flag, dragon, leek, narcissus and others. On the flag there are the prince’s Calwadera’s red dragon and Tudor’s colours: white and green.

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