The environment II.

The environment is everything around us. We live in it, we are trying to save it and we are destroying it right now. All humanity is causing pollution which is the main problem in these days, mostly because massive production of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (or CO2) is chemical substance which is probably causing global worming and ozon layers. It is one of greenhouse gasses. And if we want to preserve this world for other generations we must lower its production.

What I’m doing? Well not much. But I can’t afford to be pessimistic. If everyone did something we’d really help to make our planet green again. So I don’t throw rubbish on the ground. Not only because of pollution but also because I hate mess on the streets. I also don’t buy plastic bags in markets only if I really need them and there is no other way. But I do that mostly because people must pay for bags. I also don’t let lights on when I go out from the room. Bu I let my computer on. I guess I do that because I’m younger generation which is tightly connected with modern devices. So as you can see I don’t do really much. I’m a lazy person. In the fact I’m the laziest person I know.

What can I do? Well I can definitely do more. We all can not only I. We used to have these actions in my old school. It was called the day of Earth or something like that. We took our worst clothes gloves and bags and we went to pick up the litter. It is shameful that people don’t organise these types of actions. Well as I said I could do more only if I wouldn’t be so lazy.

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