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The environment means surroundings in which people, animals and plants develop and exist. The branch of biology investigating relation ships between living beings and their environment is called ecology. Science reflects the concern about the balance of nature. Ecologists and environmentalists are very well aware of the bad state of the environment and the necessity of its protection.  The most serious ecological problems of today are the pollution of air, water and soil, disappearance of many species of animal and plants, the weather changes, acid rains, the warning up of the Earth surface, the destruction of tropical rain forests and the breaking of the ozone layer.


The growing number of cars on roads and highways contribute much to the air pollution.  Factories produce large quantities of carbon dioxide, lead poisons, radioactive particles, dangerous compounds of sulphur and nitrogen which get into the air. Acid rains kill trees, than they get into the soil and make it infertile. The polluted rain water is carried to the rivers. Factories put their chemical waste. In this age many  Farmers use amounts of pesticides to kill certain insects than can be killed by other less dangerous means. They also use fertilizers, which pollute the soil, and most of them may have the worst effects on human health, too The buildings of dams causes flooding of large areas of natural and the disappearance of many typical, animals, bird and plants of the region. Amounts of industrial and city waste are placed near the lakes and rivers. They pollute the soil, water and air, and spoil the natural scenery. If the destruction of the environment centimes the life on his planet will be endangered. People, animals and plants cannot exist without air, water and soil. Many environmental organizations have been founded, such as the Green Peace. The strongest movement for protection of the environment in many countries.


Environmentalists point to the most serious ecological problems and try to give their warnings through the mass media and public campaigns. Many of their activities have been successful and made the governments pass useful laws aimed the important of the environment.

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