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London is a capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It lies on the River Thames. London, with population of about seven million, is the biggest city in UK and also in Europe.

London is an ancient city whose history goes back to Celtic times and Roman times. In Celtic times people built a settlement called Llyndum in the place today’s London. When the Romans came in 43 AD, they built a military camp there. Later the town, called Londinium, appeared.

In 2nd century 60 000 people lived there. In 12th century London became the capital city. In the Middle Ages London had 100 000 inhabitants but in 1665 - 1666 30% Londoners died from the plaque. Then Great Fire destroyed 80% of the city. Nobody died in fire and it disinfected the city, and so the plague didn’t appear again. London was the biggest city of the World in 1831-1925. First underground was built in London in 1863. German Luftwaffe killed 30 000 Londoners and destroyed many buildings during World War II. In 1948 Summer Olympics were there.

London is very historical city and many landmarks are there. The Tower of London was a royal palace, fortress, a prison, royal ZOO, a mint and an arsenal. It was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. It is the best known as the prison. Many famous people were locked or executed there. There is a Crown Jewel today.

Near the castle over the river Thames is located Tower Bridge. It is one of the best and the best known bridges on the world. It was built in 1894 next to Tower of London. It can be raised in just over the minute.

The other place of interest is London Eye. The British Airways London Eye or Millennium Wheel is the highest observation wheel on the world. It is 135 m high. The arbour was made in the Czech Republic by Skoda.

In London we can find four international airports and 480 international banks. There 300 000 people work. And so the City is the largest financial and commercial center in Europe and.

Queen’ residence is Buckingham Palace. The first queen, which lives there, was Queen Victoria since 1837. The Palace has 600 rooms, cinema, swimming pool and its own police station and post office. 400 people work there. About 50 000 people visit the Palace every year.

In London double-deckers go, which are the red buses. Also telephone and post boxes, the theatres (Globe), the museums (Museum of London), the galleries (National gallery), the streets (Trafalgar Street) and more interesting and landmarks are admired by millions of tourists every year.

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