Countryside or the city?

Advantages and disadvantages of livint in the countryside and in the city

Living in the city and in the village has many advantages and disadvantages. I live in a village and I prefer it. It doesn’t mean, however, that it is better for everyone. Let’s take transport services as an example. From a village you must commute to school and therefore you must get up earlier to get to school on time; while in a city the bus runs every ten minutes or you have school on the corner of your street. Even more advantages are that you can choose from many schools where you would like to go. When you want to go to a friend’s in the city you don’t have to beg your parents to give you a lift to the friend’s or go fifteen kilometers by bicycle.

In the village there isn’t as much noise as in a city because there aren’t many cars. It is one of the many advantages of the village. Also, there aren’t traffic jams or dirty air in a village. There is quiet, nature, and animals. You can have a nice big garden and in it you can make a fire in the evening. You have nature around you and you can go to the woods and pick mushrooms.

However, night life in the village is very poor, but in the afternoon you can play air soft, foot tennis, football, and table tennis. In the village everyone knows everyone but in small villages there is often nobody who is as old as you are and you don’t have many friends.

In the city you have many things you can do. You can spend your free time by going to the cinema, the swimming pool, or shopping. There are also job opportunities aplenty. Despite of all of that, I prefer living in the village.

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