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My town 2

I live in a small town called Borohrádek. The town lies in the valley of the Silent Eagle on the edge of the Třebechovické board, about 8.5 km southwest of Kostelec nad Orlici. Extensive pine forests in the surroundings of the town have a positive influence on the climate, and therefore, the place was a popular resort in the past.

The town was declared a city in 1971. The town flag consists of five horizontal stripes: blue, red, white, green, and blue. The population is about 2000 people.

The location of the town is perfect for calming walks in the pine and mixed forests. In the autumn, the forests become a paradise for mushroom pickers. The flowing Silent Eagle River creates many picturesque areas. A natural swimming area provides enjoyable refreshment in the hot summer days. The river provides rich facilities for fishermen, watermen, and nature experts. There is a new cycling track between Borohrádek and Veliny. There is a memorable oak near the road from Borohrádek to the suburban area called Šachov.

It is worth pointing out that the centre of the town is made up of the square and some important institutions, such as the church, the post office or schools. You can refresh yourself in several restaurants in the square. The restaurant called “Na Náměstí” is popular. There are also several shops where you can buy many necessities. The centre of cultural life is in a local cinema. Films are showed weekly in the cinema, but sometimes other cultural events are organized there as well. Near the cinema, we can find a church of Michael the Archangel, built in 17th century. The church has a valuable fresco decoration and Baroque and Rococo equipment. There was a panel painting of the Virgin Mary from the year 1440 on the altar, but now there is only a copy because the original was stolen. There is a historic wooden bell tower near the church. Opposite the church there is a historic rectory. Near the church, there is a castle which is now used as a retirement home.

There are two elementary schools in Borohrádek: the Elementary school of T. G. Masaryk and the Church elementary school, which is unique in our region.

Successful small businesses and trade are developed in Borohrádek. Major industrial companies include Seca and Timber Races Borohrádek.

There are several sport opportunities as well. You can attend aerobic lessons or lessons of street dance. Borohrádek also has its own football team called TJ Lokomotiva Borohrádek.

To sum everything up, life in the small town has its pros and cons. Life in our town is calm and there is beautiful nature around the town. But living in a small town has its disadvantages. People have few opportunities to take part in cultural life, because there are not any theatres, galleries or museums. Transportation is a big problem for villages. There are places where the bus passes through only two or three times a day. I know this from my own experience. On the other hand, that’s why a lot of people walk or ride a bicycle and as for me it is a positive aspect.

I like living in the country. Nevertheless I am going to study in Prague because I would like to try to live in a big city. In any case I will always be glad to come back to my hometown.

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