The town (Borohrádek)

I live in is a small town called Borohrádek. The town is situated in the Czech Republic in the region Královéhradecký. There are 2200 inhabitants. Our headmaster is Milan Maček. People speak the Czech language in Borohrádek. There are many ladies who don´t tell the truth and they are very curious. Some people who live in the town are friendly, but more people are ignorant, unfriendly or drunk.

But Borohrádek has advantages too. Near the square is a pharmacy and a medical center for adults and for children. The disadvantage is that there isn´t a vet for animals. In the town, there are a few shops, and poor culture, as well as night life. I must go to grammar school in Holice because there are only two elementary schools and one nursery school in Borohrádek. It is said that Borohrádek is a transport hub for the trains and cars, but train and bus connections are horrible. Quite a lot of cars pas through there though. There aren’t any traffic lights at the crossroads but there are streetlamps along the roads. There isn’t much pollution.

I think the biggest disadvantages are that there are only a few hobbies as well as job opportunities and no sports facilities. There might be a sports facility in two years. However, you can run in the forest or along the bicycle path. On the bicycle path you can skate, run, ride a bike, or just go for a walk. It is four kilometers long. There are four ponds. You can swim in one of them in summer and in winter you can skate on three of them. Borohrádek is located in the woods. They surround it from all sides. There is beautiful scenery and fresh air. There are no big hills or valleys in the area. The woods are rich in mushrooms. Many people living in the near surroundings go to the woods to pick mushrooms. Many people have a garden and keep animals. Dogs are the most common.

The first owner of the town in 1342 was Jarostav from Borohrádek. In 1582, Kryštof Betengel from Neunperk bought Borohrádek. He built the empire palace and the palace which is in Borohrádek today, but now serves as a home for the elderly. The baroque church St. Michael, built in 1669 is located there.

I like Borohrádek, although there is a lot of boredom. I prefer quiet and small towns to big towns with lots of pollution.

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