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My favorite movie is “Shut Up!” It is in my opinion the best comedy and it was made in France. The comedy stars Gérard Depardieu.

The main character is called Centane from Montargi. Centane is a very stupid man, who gets money via small thefts. One day he is in a prison and he meets Ruby Spito. Throughout the rest of the movie, Ruby wants to kill Vogel for murdering his wife. Vogel´s wife was Ruby’s mistress. Centane wants to help Ruby and he wants to make a bistro with him called “With Two Friends.” He wants it to be near Paris, for example in Montargi.

The screenplay is the best. There weren´t any special effects because it isn´t science-fiction, but I didn´t mind it. I liked the funny scenes where Centane says or does something unbelievable. I like the song from “Shut Up”, but I mind that the song plays again and again. There aren’t any different songs in the movie.

In my opinion, Gerard Depardieu is amazing. I watched the movie while I was lying in my bed sick. I enjoyed it and I am happy. A second movie doesn’t exist because second movies are often of poor quality.

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