Washington D. C.

Washington D. C. is the capital of the US. It is the political centre and the seat of the federal government and of the President. It lies on the Potomac River. The area was taken from Maryland and Virginia. Its population is about 700 000 people, or 4 million including suburbs. There is some racial diversity: 70% of the population is white while 30% is black. Columbia was the unofficial name for the U.S. in familiar language.

D.C. means District of Columbia. In 1790, in an Act of Congress, the area was chosen by George Washington (the first US president) and it was designed by a French architect named Pierre L´Enfant. He was aided by Thomas Jefferson. In 1800, it was first used as the seat of Congress, which had been moved from Philadelphia. There are green parks and huge green areas. 360000 people are employed by the federal government. The Federal Building occupies 40% of the central territory. Regarding town planning, there are 4 quadrants: NE, SE, NW, and SW. Pennsylvania Avenue runs diagonally.

Regarding sightseeing, one must see the White House. It is the residence of the President. One part is open to the public. In the halls, there are portraits of all of the American presidents and their wives. The furniture comes from US history as it was built between 1791- 1801. The East room is decorated in white and gold (for receptions and balls). The Blue room is supposed to be the most beautiful one, and it is for dinners and receptions. The Capitol, or the Seat of Congress, is made of white marble which is 87.5 m high and it is open to the public. The Washington Monument was built in the 2nd half of the 19th century. There is a lookout tower built of grey marble and its nickname is “the pencil”. The Jefferson Memorial is built of white marble in a Greek style and inside it there is a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson. Around it there are sakura trees donated by Roosevelt. The Lincoln Memorial was also built in the Greek style and it is a temple with a statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting in between 32 columns, which symbolize the 32 states that existed when Lincoln died. Built in 1914, The Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial is made of black marble. There is also the Korean War Memorial. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier commemorates WW2. Ford’s Theatre is where Lincoln was assassinated. He was the president that abolished slavery. There is also the Pentagon and the Arlington National Cemetery where JFK grave is located as a tomb with an eternal flame.

Regarding shopping and entertainment, there are many small shops along the Pennsylvania Ave, where the National Mall is also located. There is the National Air and Space Museum, the Museum of African Art, and George Washington University.

Regarding transport, there are 5 metro lines: yellow, red, green, orange, and blue; and there are 3 airports including Washington National Airport.

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