I live in a three-room flat in a housing estate not far from the town centre. It is a house with four flats. We live on the first floor on the left side of the house. The surroundings of our house are quite nice as there are a lot of trees and lawns everywhere. Near our house, there is an elementary school and a kindergarten. On the second side of our house, there is a playground.

What makes life in the country a bit uneasy is the transport. In some places, buses operate only twice or three times a day. Most people have to commute to towns as there are very few jobs available in the country. Shopping is mostly done in towns too because villages only have one or two stores with a limited offer of goods as well as higher. Pupils and students have to commute to school every day. There are also very few possibilities to fully participate in cultural life. Another disadvantage is that everyone knows everyone and life can therefore never be anonymous.

By contrast, there are quite a lot of schools and shopping facilities in towns. In other words, there are more available jobs, better housing, cultural and sporting facilities, and hospitals. People often work close to the place where they live and do not have to commute.

People living in towns have less free time, often living busy and stressful lives. There is a lot of noise, busy traffic, polluted air and water, or even smog hanging above the city. People live in tall blocks of flats in huge residential areas with a lack of green spaces, parks, and even places for children to play. You cannot walk to the woods, so people often go out to the countryside where they have summer houses and cottages.

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