My family is quite large. I have an older step-brother, who is forty one years old. He has two sons as well as a baby girl, Sarah. She is one year old now. He comes from time to time to visit for a weekend with his girlfriend Alena and the young Sarah. He works in AGC in Chudeřice. I also have an older step-sister. She is thirty four years old and she has three year old twins. They are girls: Kristýna and Karolína. She is works as a chemical intern in Litvínov. I live just with my mum.

She is tall and she has short brown hair. My mum comes from quite a large family. She had four brothers and sisters, but one uncle and aunt are dead now, so I have one only uncle and one aunt. I have five cousins from that side of the family. My dad was an only child. He died when I was a baby. I have an older step-brother from my dad’s side too. We found out four years ago and we are very similar. He lives in Plzeň and each summer I visit him. I think it is better to have brothers and sisters, because you have someone, who can help you.

I take after my dad. I have very dark and big eyes and blond hair which is now dyed and cut as the jib. I have the same nose as my mother and I think that my mouth is after her too.

Now I spend less time with my parents and siblings then I used to. I think it is natural since I want to be with my friends too. My mum is very tolerant. I can say that I get on well with her although we argue at times. We argue about banalities.

Everybody is influenced by their parents although I criticize my mum sometimes and I just don’t understand her. I know that I will be the similar one day.

I would never wish to be an only child. I have much older brothers and sisters, but I know that I can never get everything that I want. I think that only children have problems with making friends because they can't share things and they are not used to communicating with other children. All in all, I am very glad to have a big family.

At the moment I am studying in year eight at a grammar school in Bílina. I'm really glad that I´m studying there because I want to study at a university in the future and grammar schools prepare such students very well. In the last two years we can choose optional seminars according to our specialization. I will take the school-leaving exams in the English language, the German language, the Czech language, and math. This is because I want to study at the economic university near Bílina in Ústí.

I am not an early bird. I usually study or read a book until very late at night and I usually set my alarm clock for as late as possible. When I get up, I clean my teeth, comb my hair, I put on make-up, get dressed, and run to school. I have breakfast in school at break. Usually I have a yogurt and something sweet. I have lunch at home or I go near the school to a restaurant called Corbetta, where they cook very well. I have a job there as a waitress in the summer and during the weekends.

For ten years I went to ballet and singing lessons in the art school in Bílina, so I had a program in the afternoons. Now I don't go there, because I had an accidental injury last year I have have problems with my knuckle bone. So now I have free time to studying when I'm not at my job or with my friends.

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