Everybody knows that it is very important to have free time for relaxation after work or school. People are tired when they come home from work or school, so they need to rest to refresh themselves for the next day of work.

A lot of people spend their free time by doing different activities – sports, gardening, housework, etc. It is good to do physical activity after time spent sitting in school or at a job. After hard physical work, it is good to draw energy from something nonphysical, because the body needs relaxation.

Like almost all people, I look forward to having more free time during the holidays throughout the school year. We imagine spending all of our time as best as possible. Mostly during the holidays, a person sees that this isn’t the way he or she had hoped. The time runs by very quickly.

We all know that having free time is necessary for refreshing ourselves for the next day at work. It is the same thing with studying. Pupils need a break for solving their problems and time, during which they can think about different things other than their studies.

I feel that many teachers look forward to having holidays more than the students, because I know that teaching is very difficult work, when a teacher wants to do it well. It costs a lot of his or her energy, so holidays are very important for all of the people in a school.

Přidal: Darinka 8. 6. 2010
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