At the doctor - interview

P: Good morning, Dr.Greenman.

D: Good morning, Mrs. Sobolová. How can I help you today?

P: I think I have come down with the flu. My throat is very itchy and I have a runny nose.

D: Ok, and do you know if you’ve had a fever?

P: Yes, I have taken my temperature, it was 38 degrees Celsius.

D: And how long have you been feeling this way?

P: Hm, about three days. It started over the weekend when I was in the mountains.

D: Ok, do you have a headache?

P: Yes, I do. It is a sharp headache.

D: Anything else?

P: No, No, that’s all.

D: Ok, it is the flu. You must take these pills every day and you will come back for a checkup in a week.

P: Thank you, doctor. Goodbye.

D: You are welcome.

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