Australia is a country which is also a continent. It is the smallest continent in the world. Australia is situated between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Its official name is the Commonwealth of Australia. It is an independent member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Its capital is Canberra. It is a federal state with a Governor-General at its head. The Governor is the deputy of the British Queen.

The highest Australian mountain is Mt. Kosciusko, which is 2228 meters high. In Australia, there are 4 great deserts: The Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Simpson Desert, and the Great Victoria Desert. There is also one special desert with red sand where we can find Ayers Rock, the largest piece of the stone in the world.

The Australian climate is warm and subtropical. There are tropical forests, savannas, and grasslands.

The animals of Australia are: the kangaroo, the koala bear, the dingo, the Tasmanian devil, and other unique animals.

The population of Australia is about 16 million. The official language is English.

The Commonwealth of Australia consist of 6 states and 2 territories: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

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