Maturitní témata

1) The United Kingdom, its parts, geography, area, climate, population, history, cities
2) Industry of Britain, cities, Wales, Scotland, the systém of goverment, languages
3) London, its history, districts, sights, population of London
4) Canada – geographical situation, area, population, history, official languages, industry, agriculture, cities
5) The USA – geography, population, historical development, industry, agriculture, cities
6) From the history of the USA – the discovery of America, first settlers, the War of Independente, the Civil War, today´s USA
7) Australia – geography, climate, population, history, administration, major cities
8) New York – geography, history, districts – Manhattan, population, places of interest
9) Life in USA – the systém of goverment, population, holidays, family life
10) Our school systém – levels of education, type sof secondary schools, exams, universities
11) British schools, compulsory attendance, levels of education, type sof schools, public schools, exams, universities
12) Ernest Hemingway – his life and literary work and other Američan writers (A. Halley etc.)
13) William Shakespeare – his life and literary work, the period of Renaissance as the new way of life, artists
14) Oscar Wilde – his life, famous dramas and fairy tales
15) Meals. Give a summary of daily meals in Britain. Compare with ours. Explain „brunch“, „high tea“, „elevens“. What´s the typical English meal and drink? Drinking tea.
16) Travelling. Why do people travel? Means of transport, which of them you prefer? The necessity of travelling, learning foreign languages (Asking the way – booking holidays in a travel agency)
17) Sports and games in Britain and your country. Kinds of sports. The necessity of physical aktivity, your attitude of sports.
18) My future career. My interests, hobbiesm future profession, imagination about my personal life
19) Pratur – history, the most important periods, the oldest parts, important sights on King´s Mile, the Old Town, the National Theatre. Asking the way – my glimpses of Prague
20) The Czech Republic – history, geography, population, regions, industry, agriculture, cities, places of interests. My homeland and me.
21) Our town – history, industry, agriculture, modern life. Your house, flat, your room. The pros and cons of living in a town or in the countryside.
22) The English speaking countries, British and American English. English as the world language
23) Shopping – types of shops, goods you can buy. Make a dialogue using the most commonly used phrases in a shop – describe the situation. Asking for things at a shop
24) Life in Britain, the way of life, customs, habbits, table manners, family life compared with our way of life. Queuing, drinking tea, festivals, holidays
25) Our family – members, their hobbies, work. How do you spend your free time when you are all togheder? Your likes and dislikes, your flat, house, room
26) Scotland and its people. Customs, habbits, the way of life. Towns, the capital

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