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Places of Interest in the Czech Republic

Wonders and Attractions of the Czech Republic

Would you like to know about some of the castles in Czech Republic?

Well, Kuneticka Hora is a very interesting one located near the city of Pardubice. It is the ruin of a gothic castle which was founded at the turn of the 13th century. It is situated on top of a long-dead volcano. It was walled by the Pernstejns, a family which belonged to the powerful houses of the Czech lands. The Swedish army damaged the castle in 1645. This marked the decline of the castle; the reconstruction of which began in the 1970’s, and was completed in the 1990’s. Such attractions as weddings are held there as well as theatre performances in the summer.

Another castle, located above Moravska Třebová, is Bouzov. It was founded in the beginning of the 14th century by lords of the Bouzov house. The first holder of the castle was lord Buz. Another owner was the father of George of Podebrady. He owned the castle during the time when ownership often alternated between many people. This was during the 14th and 15th centuries. Bouzov castle is a famous film location especially for fairytales.

An interesting town in southern Bohemia with a beautiful castle is Cesky Krumlov. Southern Bohemia itself is a region full of historical places and towns. Cesky Krumlov was even listed into the UNESCO list of cultural heritage in 1992. The historical center with a castle and gardens is filled with significant architectural monuments. The owners of the castle alternated between the Vitkovci, the Rozmberkove, the Habsburkove, the Eggenberkove, and the Schwarzenberkove. It was originally a gothic castle and it was rebuilt in the 16th century Renaissance. Its gardens conceal a revolving open-air theatre. The gardens remind the gardens of Versailles in a miniature way.

Another castle in southern Bohemia is Cervena Lhota. Interestingly, it lies on an island in the center of a pond. The 1st written mentions of this gothic keep came from the 14th century. Later, the keep was changed into a Renaissance castle. It is a famous film location for fairytales and a common place for weddings. The castle has a luxurious interior, and a park can be found across the pond. It is very similar to Leed’s castle in England.

Jindrichuv Hradec, another town in southern Bohemia, is on the shore of a lake called Vajgar. Everything in the town such as the hotel has the name of the lake. The castle is built in the style of Rennaissance architecture. It was built in the 13th century by Henry from Hradec from the house of the Vitkovci. It is the 3rd largest castle complex in the Czech Republic. It contains about 300 rooms, which contain about 7,000 books and a vast collection of paintings, furniture, porcelain pieces, and other antiques (the entire collection comprising of about 5,000 pieces). The complex consists of a Renaissance well, and arcades typical for Renaissance buildings.

Litomysl, for a change, is a town in eastern Bohemia which is also rich in historical places, monuments, and castles. Litomysl is the most famous historical town of the region with a large Renaissance castle and square. The square consists of gardens with statues by Olbram Zoubek. An open-air baroque theatre can also be found there and performances are held in it even today. The history of the castle started in the 16th century. The town itself is the birthplace of the famous Czech composer Bedrich Smetana. It is also listed in UNESCO as of 1999.

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