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The Midlands

The Midlands are a centre of industry in today´s Britain. During the Industrial Revolution, this area, which is sometimes called Black Country, developed into the engineering centre of the state.

Nowadays, there is modern heavy industry and factories for converting iron and steel. The biggest and most important cities are Birmingham, which is the second biggest city in Great Britain, and Manchester.

There are not only heavy industries in this area. In between the Black Country and Manchester there are cities which are known as The Potteries and are famous for their china industry. Some of these cities are for example Wengewood, Spode, and Minton, as well as several cities in the East Midlands like Derby, Leicester, or Nottingham. Fishing is also important in this area. Grimsby is one of Britain´s most important fishing ports.

The Midlands are mostly an industrial area, but you can also find beautiful places here like Shakespeare´s country around his birthplace in Stratford upon Avon, or Nottingham which is famous for the legend of Robin Hood.

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